Ramelle T. Lee

Ms. Ramelle T. Lee is a published poet and author. Her first book, Step Into His Greatness, is now available. This book of godly, prophetic devotional and meditation messages will activate and build your faith as the Holy Spirit speaks to your heart. Walk through the door of blessed opportunity as God prepares you for His Greatness.

Since joining The Called and Ready Writers in 2003, Ms. Lee has published 22 inspired Christian poems. They are available in single prints and framed poetry. Many have been blessed by her poetry. Her poems have been circulated throughout Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, New York a number of other states. One of her poems, “Keep God In The Picture” reached Kuwait. Another one of her poems, “Ignite The Writers Flame In You” was featured on the CRW website in 2004. Ramelle serves as a Board Member and the Membership Chairman for The Called and Ready Writers. Ramelle Lee.