by Angel Mykel Edwards


The purpose of her writing is to show the world how she loves God and her family. When you love God and place him in your heart, you can do all things. God will hold your hand and guide you to become successful in your life.

10 year old Angel Mykel Edwards is a young and inspired writer who wrote her first book at age eight. Her stories are about some of her life experiences and stories about the challenges children face in life and how to resolve them based upon the Word of God.

Angel's stories are inspirational, funny, interesting, encouraging and rewarding to readers of all ages.

Angel is in the fifth grade. She is a good student, enjoys math and spelling. Her favorite sports are gymnastics and soccer. She loves helping people, is a good listener and quick learner. She is an achiever, leader, and strives to do her best. She is the youngest member of The Called and Ready Writers in Detroit, Michigan.

When she grows up, she would like to be a professional writer, obstetrician, engineer, professional soccer player, and gymnastic champion. She plans to attend college and receive her Doctorate in Medicine, Masters in Journalism, and Bachelor's in Engineering.

Her mother and father are her role models. Her grandmother Dr. Mary Edwards is her editor and agent. She has a little brother named Kurk, and a loving and supportive family. She was inspired to write because of her PaPa, the late Rev. Eddie K. Edwards, who is now God's angel in heaven.

Angel is comfortable speaking on radio, television and before audiences.  She is available to come to your church or organization. Contact Dr. Mary Edwards.

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First Lady Michelle Obama was IMPRESSED with Author Angel Edwards (10 years old) and commented that she was taking Angel's book home to read to her family and could Angel go home with her too!  We understand that Angel is VERY INSPIRED by America's First Lady and is quite SPEECHLESS over it all.